Main Exhibition
Photo: Byron Prujansky / Museum of Tomorrow

A trip through the main exhibition begins with the Cosmos, where all life is contained. In the Cosmic Portal, a 360° dome, visitors are taken on a unique visual journey through galaxies, deep into the subatomic world of elementary particles, and into the center of the sun. They witness the formation of the Earth and the beginning of life and the birth of thought.

The 8-minute film by O2 Films, directed by Ricardo Laganaro and Fernando Meirelles as executive producer, is a poetic voyage through the history of the universe, and prepares visitors for their journey through the museum. “The idea of the film is to take the visitor to a different state of mind, away from Praça Mauá, and help them bring down their heart rate and alter their brainwaves,” explains Meirelles.

The producer used virtual reality glasses in the planning of the experience of the dome. “The projections on the wall of the dome start at the floor and envelope the audience 360º around, and the glasses offer the same sensorial experience,” Laganaro explains. Beyond the Cosmic Portal, interactive tables allow visitors to explore the concepts of cosmic dimensions on a deeper level.

The Cosmic Portal was created to be exhibited only in Portuguese to keep it as a high quality visual experience. For a better understanding, please, read the file with the narration transcription in English

El portal cósmico fue producido para ser visualizado solamente en portugués y mantener una experiencia visual de alta calidad. Para comprender mejor la película, por favor, lea la transcripción en Español.