A Museum of questions

Main Exhibition
Photo: Bernard Lessa / Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow's Main Exhibition is based on a curatorial concept by Physicist and PhD in Cosmology Luiz Alberto Oliveira. Settled on the second floor of the museum, it takes the public through a structured narrative into five major areas: Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrow and Us. Together they compose 27 experiments and 35 sub-experiences, all available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The Cosmos narrative is about the idea that we are all made of the same matter as the stars above us, about how we are intricately connected with the universe and our origins. The fundamental questions that will guide the visitor´s entire journey begin to appear here: What are the dimensions of our existence? How did we get here? What kind of future do we want?

In the Earth section, we have three large 7-meter cubes that investigate the three dimensions of existence: Matter, Life, and Thought. The exterior of the Life cube represents the DNA, a common element for all species. Inside it, the diversity and  interconnectedness of life in the Atlantic Forest are depicted in a selection of photos taken during three expeditions made especially for the Museum of Tomorrow’s collection.

The next area, called the Anthropocene, is the centerpiece of the main exhibition experience. It addresses the idea that human activity has become a geological force in itself: we are transforming the composition of our atmosphere, changing our climate, altering biodiversity, moving the course of our rivers. All life on Earth will have to adapt to these new times, filled with uncertainties – but also opportunities.

The Tomorrows´ area focuses on major global trends in a world where there are more people than ever, living for much longer than ever. A world of huge cities and hyper-connectivity where existing with people from different cultures and ways of life will be part of our daily lives. How and where will we live? Visitors are invited to think about the issues of sustainability and conviviality.

The journey ends with an imagination exercise in the Us area, engaging visitors with the idea that Tomorrow starts Now, with the choices we make today. It´s a planet deeply transformed by our own intervention. Today is the place for action.