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Museum of Tomorrow / Foto: Bernard Lessa

The Museum of Tomorrow is a different kind of science Museum. A space conceived through the values of sustainability and conviviality that explores the ever-changing times we’re witnessing and the possible paths we may take during the next 50 years.

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Museum of Tomorrow is an Applied Sciences museum which explores the opportunities and challenges which humanity will be forced to tackle in the coming decades from the perspective of sustainability and conviviality. Launched December 2015 by Rio de Janeiro City Hall, Museum of Tomorrow is a Culture asset from Rio's Secretary of Culture currently managed by Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão (IDG). Example of a well-succeeded partnership between public power and private initiative, it has already received over three million visitors since opening. With Santander Bank as a Master Sponsor and a wide network of partner sponsors as Shell, IBM, IRB-Brasil RE, Engie, Grupo Globo and Instituto CCR, the museum was originally conceived by Roberto Marinho Foundation.